Saturday 16 October 2021

Putting out there, a few notes from the scratchpad.. 


As with other systems, generalize for robustness and proofing, by making simple systems from which complexity can arise naturally.

  • Ether and EGG (read only) for feeding into predictions and dreams

  • Timing, within cause and effect

  • Sim, mirror center following and calculating predictions for surroundings+thoughts

  • Empathy rewards, releasing v-dopamine when other people experience joy

  • “Primal” fear, threats tearing down connections and forming strong connections

  • Threat response, establish motive to avoid yielding

  • “Primal” empathy fear, threats to others, trigger through sim mirror

  • Exit from fear by threat neutralisation release v-dopamine (take care here to avoid loop like when humans seek adrenaline to get the subsequent dopamine at exit, and take care to do good only)

  • V-dopamine saturation, loop protection

  • Local connections only, for speed (aka “short term memory”)

  • Self trap setup, for exiting pathways

  • Self “cron” task setup based on anything like, time, self improvements, predict, sim…

  • Self analysis and non-radical modification

  • Motivation modifier through v-dopamine

  • Truth-seeker specialisation: v-dopamine when confirming truth, and more so in response to prolonged research

  • Learning releases v-dopamine

  • Trial and error feeding two ways, sim <> trial error

  • Social release v-dopamine

  • Good deeds v-dope, through empathy sim

  • Love is sim -> purity in motives, balance

  • Ether touch (“radio”/resonance read/write - also entangled states places and times)

  • Distinguish between reaction (impulse), feelings (intuition) and sim (thought) - allow these to interact

  • Self set deadlines for sim

  • Laughter and crying contagious

  • Sadness through sim/mirror/empathy

  • Cheering, counseling

  • Facial expressions, mood, through sim -> outlook

  • Abstractions, primitives, like the symbols you see in the morning as base - the AI should form something similar, or they can be predefined with math also vectors/directions

  • Visual recognition - instead of taking whole pictures, do contrast -> then create curves, search feelings, run sims

  • Different colors trigger feeling like synesthesia, blueish tints = cold, yellowish tints = warm

  • Spot intentions and motivation through sim, run consequences sim, evaluate good/bad, assist

  • Body language, gestures, couple to intent through sim

  • Possibilities, option list, check up on outcome

Wednesday 5 May 2021


While it is probably a trauma response.

My comment on Wired UK's video on Aphantasia (

- I wonder if some of these people have once done something that they regretted so much that aphantasia was a necessary defense mechanism - and at the same time somewhat immunizing them from regret in the future by enabling them to dissociate more easily.

Monday 2 March 2020


What is causing progression of myopia?

Myopia is getting widespread (check South Korea stats).
What major changes have happened that could cause this?
- Less exercise and and more staring at tiny screens -are obvious ones - but how?

From reading discussions on ophthalmology forums and articles on pubmed, apparently the cause is not:
- Overcorrecting..
- Undercorrecting (which includes not correcting)..
- Peripheral defocus (some reasonably new lenses are using technologies to do this and is getting closer/slowing progression)..

Simply "light" could fit the facts, maybe getting enough light into the peripheral could do the trick (and more exercise/daylight/veggies/etc..).

Thursday 10 January 2019

Dark matter

Since particles pop into existence from vacuum fluctuations, I believe some of them can create a bit of gravity upon decaying by releasing smaller particles like neutrinos -or even EM.

Sunday 9 September 2018

Boot openSUSE Tumbleweed faster

Change compression method for initrd, as root:
echo 'compress="cat"' >/etc/dracut.conf.d/99-compress.conf
dracut --force

And if you're not using YaST to configure network setup, Networkmanager might speed up boot a bit compared to Wicked, as root:
systemctl enable NetworkManager && systemctl disable wicked

Sunday 8 October 2017

Fix Gnome (/Xorg) 3.24/3.26 stutter on NVIDIA

..By recompiling mutter without threaded GL sync.
From the source tree:

  1. cd mutter-3.26.1/
  2. cp src/backends/x11/meta-renderer-x11.c src/backends/x11/meta-renderer-x11.c.orig
  3. sed 's/cogl_xlib_renderer_set_threaded_swap_wait_enabled (cogl_renderer, TRUE/cogl_xlib_renderer_set_threaded_swap_wait_enabled (cogl_renderer, FALSE/' -i src/backends/x11/meta-renderer-x11.c

Now compile, install and restart it..

The problem arise from a timing issue.