Monday 31 October 2016

systemctl, journalctl breaking bad

Since systemctl and journalctl are bad by breaking scrolling by default (using a pager).

Do this as root to become sane again:
echo SYSTEMD_PAGER= >>/etc/environment

Log out and back in.

Friday 5 August 2016

My comment on the video "The Quantum Experiment that Broke Reality"

My comment on the video "The Quantum Experiment that Broke Reality", belong on here as well.
- It is about the double slit experiment.

You might be able to predict the "landing point" if you knew the state of the peaks in the "waving" screen, the slits and the buckyballs- how they waved (could "look" something like water in near zero gravity). ..And you might be able to "set" the states using oscillating magnetic fields.

Friday 18 March 2016

What's the matter with particle-waves?

If waves did turn into particles some of the time, a Faraday cage could not block them out.

makemkv wrapper with auto updater

Installs to home folder, creates usr folder under $HOME/.
Does not require root.
Requires xclip to dump latest beta key to "selection" (middle click "clipboard").
Launches makemkv if build succeeded or if already at latest version.


echo $HOME
cd $HOME
[[ -n "$1" ]] \
        && VERSION=$1 \
        || VERSION=$(curl --silent "$URL" | grep MakeMKV.* | head -n 1 | sed -e 's/.*MakeMKV //g' -e 's/ .*//g')

KEY=$(curl --silent ''| grep T-|sed -e 's/.*codecontent..//g' -e 's/..div. .*//g')
echo "key: $KEY"
echo "$KEY" | xclip

if [[ "$VERSION" = "$(cat $HOME/.makemkv-version)" ]]; then
        echo MakeMKV is up to date.
        for r in oss bin; do
                wget -c "$r-$VERSION.tar.gz"
                tar xf makemkv-$r-$VERSION.tar.gz
                cd makemkv-$r-$VERSION
                [[ "$r" = "oss" ]] && ./configure || { mkdir -p tmp; echo accepted >tmp/eula_accepted; }
                make -j 17 install DESTDIR=$HOME/ || { echo -e "###\n### Error occurred, maybe missing build deps?\n### $URL\n###"; sleep 30; exit 1; }
                cd ..

env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=usr/bin:usr/lib:usr/share:usr QT_PLUGIN_PATH=/usr/lib/kde4/plugins:$QT_PLUGIN_PATH usr/bin/makemkv \
        && echo $VERSION | tee $HOME/.makemkv-version